It’s two years ago since we moved into the house and I think we have achieved a lot in that space of time. we have a new deck, decorated bedrooms, have a finished basement, improved the path to the front door, put in a new garden patch in the front, painted the house, cleared the back yard and put down a new lawn. I didn’t feel too bad about playing golf all weekend.

The beautiful Black Rock Country club golf course.

The beautiful Black Rock Country club golf course.

On Friday Bill invited Stew, Mike and myself for a family golf event at Black Rock, Hingham, MA. I took the day off work. What a beautiful course, thanks so much Bill, a great host. He is also the Black Rock club champion for 2015. The course was built into an old quarry and they say that the soil from the ‘big dig’ in Boston was transported to make the course. Bill Belichick has a house on the course (Go Pats).

The weather continues to make it a great summer with temperatures in the high 80s and I can only remember two days of rain in the last few months. It’s difficult to do any hard work when the temperature is so hot so I am waiting for cooler times to continue the garden development. The weekend evenings are spent with  the neighbors by the fire exchanging stories with the guys talking golf and the woman, well I am not sure. Sharon and Stephanie did their boating license course on Sunday, which I guess means that there are plans to buy a boat, we’ll see.

I wasn't missing but thanks for looking for me!!

I wasn’t missing but thanks for looking for me!!

Today, Sharon took some time off to be with Sandi and the kids. I had forgotten about this because I was so busy at work. She had taken the dogs out for several walks and Millie was exhausted. So she took Bandit with her up to Sandi’s. She stayed longer than she had planned and I got home before her. There was no note left for me. I thought that Bandit had escaped was lost! All our neighbors have been worried, I had been walking for over 4 miles looking for her and the whole time she was safe with Sharon. Oh dear I thought!! Or something like that. Have a great week y’all.

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  1. Sharon

    Great blog! Sorry about Bandit…. I have been getting texts all night from our friends so glad Bandit is safe!


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