Back in the UK

Ryan and Erin decorated our tree

Thanksgiving day on thursday. This is a big American holiday where the family gather for a turkey dinner and watch football. It was a great day, good food and there was a 3 v 3 of American football on the front lawn which ended up at 9 touchdowns each and Linda did a great job of cooking the food!!

 Before I leave for the UK we get choose a Christmas tree together, the first sale by the store. Sharon is helped to decorate it by Ryan and Erin and it seems that they are all happy with the efforts. Great job guys. In the UK it is traditional to hang chocolates on the tree but we stopped doing this after Ollie the dog ate them all one year, that was his best ever Christmas. 

Steak and kidney pudding as discussed with Sandi

I have, once again had to come back to the UK until I get my green card. So we say a tearful goodbye at Boston Logan airport and set out on our lonely paths. Our plans at this stage are that I will travel back to work in Canada in two weeks time as my work is over there and we are hoping in the meantime that we will get an invitation to the American embassy for confirmation of the visa. In the meantime we can then meet up again at the weekend in Toronto.


Miriam, Rodger, Simon and Simon

So I arrive at Heathrow at 6:30am on the Saturday morning and I get the bus to Poole and train to Wareham Karen and Tim have kindly put me up for my time in the UK. I have hired a car so have some independance and I will take the opportunity to get to the gym more often. I stayed in bed until 11am on Sunday, unheard of but I hadn’t slept for 36 hours and had travelled in excess of 12,000 miles in the last two weeks. I take a trip to the Red Lion and meet up with some friends Rodger, Miriam, Simon and Simon. The dart playing has not improved but Simon’s language has!!

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  1. Jean Ann

    It was so nice to se eyou on Thanksgiving! Glad to hear that your trip to the UK was uneventful. You’ll be sorely missed in CT for sure but hopefully it wont be long before you can return!


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