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You have to wonder about some people … 2nd March 2013

So I called my mother on Saturday morning 8am our time 1pm UK time – as you all know there is a time difference of 5 hours (always has been and it doesn’t change with the exception of a week when the clocks go forward). I usually call her every week at the same time but this day happens to be my birthday. So she says and get this …… ‘is it your birthday today, because I wasn’t sure with the time difference?’ you have to wonder about some people.

Whats worse ……. 16th January 2013

As I waited at the coffee house on my way home I read a story in the Times about America with a heading Bounty hunting …. and it read…. One of the odd things about hunting deadly Burmese pythons in the everglades is that you don’t need to worry about the Burmese pythons. The main threats to your life are rattlesnakes, water moccasins, alligators and about 800 heavily armed Americans.

5 thoughts on “Funny stories

  1. Krissy

    No Way!!! No wonder Sharon was so worried! Did you get any pictures? (and tell the truth, I bet the dogs looked after you in the basement lol!) xx

  2. Jean Ann

    Glad to hear you’re alive :-) We heard that G’bury got his pretty bad. Welcome to good ole’ USA summer storms—they help prepare you for the winter blizzards!

  3. Krissy

    Tim, Glad you and Sharon are settling in so well……..and of course the dogs, now arent you glad you took them over! 😉


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